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Restaurant Consulting and Physical Inventory Control

Initial Consultation... $250.00

The Initial Consultation will include a Physical Inspection of the Property from the Parking Lot to the Back Door, and will include a checklist of recommendations and or suggestions for all areas. The initial consultation will also include no less than Secret Shopper Visits that will evaluate Curb Appeal, Greeting, Quality of Service, Food Quality and Presentation, Beverage Suggestions and Knowledge, Timeliness and Accuracy of Bill and a Thank You.

Food, Menu, Labor and P&L Costing... $50.00/hr

Food: A complete Food Cost analysis based on the items and Menu in use. Recommendation for new items, new suppliers and or renegotiation with existing purveyors.
Menu: A comprehensive look at Food Costing that will utilize and streamline current inventory, establish desired menu prices, evaluate sales trends and establish an attainable Food Cost Percentage.
Labor: An analysis of current employees and current job descriptions that will evaluate labor costs and establish a desired Labor Cost Percentage.
P & L: A review of current P&L Statements with the purpose of Streamlining Costs and Maximizing Profits.

Development of New Menu/Wine List, Labor Control and P & L... $50.00/hr

Menu: To modify and create new and exciting dishes reflecting current trends in the industry. The menu shall also define and reflect the theme of the restaurant.
Wine List: Will work with owner to create desirable wine list that focuses on the leading edge of wine trends to assure marketability.
Labor: To look at all positions in the restaurant, to create job descriptions and to work with management to help implement them. This process will also help management with the new hire process to assure that the right employee is placed in the right position.
P&L: Will develop P&L for property if none currently exists. P&L will be broken out into Sales, Food and Beverage Costs, Labor Costs, Fixed and Non Fixed Expenses. P&L Spreadsheet will be supplied at an additional cost.

Training... $50.00/hr

Kitchen Staff: Will conduct training exercises that will focus on improving the current staffs handling of product from receiving to plating.
ServSafe Manager's Certification: Classes will be provided at a discount prices in order for the restaurant to be in compliance with the laws of the State and the Health Department.
Food Handler's Certification: Classes will be provided at a discount prices for all employees that handles food in order for the restaurant to be in compliance with the State and Health Department.
Servsafe Alcohol: Classes will be provided at a discount prices in order for all employees handling alcohol and for the establishment to be in compliance with the State and Local laws.
Wait Staff: Will conduct training exercises that will focus on improving the current staffs' service skills by introducing the 10 steps of service.
Management: Will work with the current manager to evaluate their current skill set and make recommendations to improve their productivity.

Marketing... $50.00/hr

Demographic Study: To provide profile for the client of the targeted area, that will include household income, spending habits, driving patterns, shopping habits and cultural breakdown.
Competitive Analysis: To analyze competition in the immediate area and to provide client with information to be used for targeted marketing and advertising.
Comprehensive Marketing Plan: To combine the demographic and competitive studies and formulate a plan that will be used for short and long term advertising.

Inventory Control

Inventory... 125.00/hr

Physical Inventory Control: Taking the "Physical Inventory" of a business, be it a Hotel or Restaurant, is the single most important aspect of not only your cost control program, but your budgeting process. Without knowing where you sit, you can't move forward. With this process we will actually come in and do a front to back inventory of your business and also train your purchasing personnel to take control of your inventory. At the end I will provide you with spread sheets separating the categories, Front of the House and Back of the House. With these spread sheets you will have the tools needed to regain control of your business and get it heading in the right direction.

Other HR forms and Spreadsheets

We have a huge variety of HR forms and spreadsheets for you to take complete control of your business and are available to you according to your needs at a very reasonable price. Please consult us.

Menu Engineering & Design

Menu Engineering

Is an interdisciplinary field of study devoted to the deliberate and strategic construction of menus. It is also commonly referred to as Menu Psychology. In general, the term menu engineering is used within the hospitality industry (specifically in the context of restaurants), but can be applied to any industry that displays a list of product or service offerings for consumer choice. Typically the goal with menu engineering is to maximize a firm's profitability by subconsciously encouraging customers to buy what you want them to buy, and discouraging purchase of items you don't want them to buy.

How It All Got Started

In its truest sense, the term menu engineering refers to the specific restaurant menu analysis methodology developed by Michael L. Kasavana, Ph.D and Donald J. Smith, at the Michigan State University School of Hospitality Business, in 1982.

Menu Design

How To Design A Restaurant Menu

A restaurant menu design is a reflection of the restaurant itself. Restaurant menu descriptions, layouts and colors, whether formal, casual or playful, should match your restaurant concept, location or theme.

Before You Design Your New Restaurant Menu or Redesign Your Ineffective One

Check out your competition's. Look at their website and study their menu to see the price range of their meals. Also, look for similarities and differences between your prospective restaurant menu and theirs. Ask yourself the following questions, or let us do all the work for you and we can supply you with a comprehensive and effective menu that will outsell your competition.

How will my restaurant menu be different from everyone else’s?
What restaurant menu items are similar to my competitors?
Does my restaurant menu pricing match my competitors?

Designing a Restaurant Menu Layout

Okay, so now that you have studied the competition and written up a fantastic restaurant menu, you will need to create the perfect menu design. Sounds very easy, but in reality an effective menu design is more than just printing out a list of items on a Word program. Colors, fonts, and borders are all crucial parts of an effective menu design. Please, think about the items below and let us help you engineer and design or redesign your new effective menu.

• Restaurant Menu Colors and Font            • Restaurant Menu Cover Layout
• Restaurant Menu Sections                         • Restaurant Menu Descriptions
• Restaurant Menu Prices

Business Support Forms

Support Forms

Primo Chef is prepared to give all the support your company may need to be successful. We have a vast array of worksheets to help you control almost everything in your organization, from purchasing to stock, from personnel to accounting, from costumer spending to check average to bank account. We have all forms necessary for you to start your business, or to restructure the one you already have. These are samples of the forms we are offering. If what you need is not here, please let us know, so we can have our technical staff create or personalize one for you.

Human Resources

• Application for Employment
• W-4 Form
• I-9 Form
• Employee Request Time Off
• Employee Emergency Information Form
• New Manager Changeover
• Profit and Loss
• Check Book
• Check List for existing employees
• Secret Shopper Form

Kitchen Operation / Safety / Sanitation / FOH - BOH

• Recipe Costing Sheet                     • Restaurant Opening Checklist
• Order Guide                                      • Restaurant Prep Spreadsheet
• Cooking Temp Log                          • Temperature Log
• Food Handlers Manual                   • Temperature charts
• Food Prep Chart                               • Weekly Snapshot
• HACC                                                  • Menu Engine
• Operations Assessment                 • Restaurant Performance Notice
• Calculating Turnover Rate

Product R & D

Under Construction | Coming Soon

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