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Chef Tom Moreira, Partner of Primo Chef, has had the opportunity to work for over two decades doing what he is most passionate about: creating edible masterpieces, or as some would say, cooking!

Chef Tom has worked alongside great names of the culinary world, including Chef Neil Connolly, former Executive Chef for the Kennedy Family, and has had the opportunity to participate in events with famous chefs, such as Chef Anthony Bourdain.

Chef Tom has an Associate of Applied Science Degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. He is a Board Member of the American Culinary Federation, Research Chefs Association, and the Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality and Tourism Management Honor Society. Chef Tom also holds a Certified Instructor and Proctor ServSafe Certification and a SafeStaff Food Handler Certification from the Florida Lodging and Restaurant Association.

Chef Tom's passion for cooking has led him to write a book and become one of the founders of Primo Chef, a venue where he can share his knowledge and love for the culinary arts. In 2008, Chef Tom researched and developed a line of Rubs and Marinades for Primo Chef. These Rubs and Marinades can be found in this site for sale to the general public.

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